REF. #: 21-158
Two (2) Complete Continuous Copper Rod Upcaster Systems
Manufacturer: Shanghai Engineering
Model: SL2008-13B-ZD-AC-LQ
Year of mfg.: 2008
Technical specification each line.
Output/month: 770 ton
Induction furnace: triple furnaces combined
Up-casting rod: 8-12 mm
Casting strands: 20
Speed of draw-up: 0-3 m/min (2.5 checked high)
Speed of melting copper: 1250 kg/h (1,150 checked average)
Consumption rate of melting copper: less than 350 kwh/ton
The water flow: 50 m3
Installed capacity for machine: 800KVA
Specification rod
Rod tensile strength: greater than or equal to 170N/mm2 (checked average 176 N/ mm2)
Rod elongation: greater than or equal to 35 percent (checked average 40 percent)
Conductivity: greater than or equal to 100 percent IACS (checked average 100.5 percent)
Oxygen content: less than or equal to 10ppm (checked average 4 ppm)
Modification: The original control system temperature in a single furnace (holding furnace), was replaced by an individual temperature control in each furnace (melting furnace and holding furnace) to reduce defects by solidification.
Both line are still installed, but have been shut down.

Spare parts                    
Description                Quantity
Copper ring                    3
Water  jacket                 3
Coil                                3
Inner pipe (rod 8mm)     16  
Cooler (rod 12 mm)       10
Description                                Quantity [pcs]                                             
Graphite protection (rod 8mm)       1,500
Kaowool protection (rod 8mm)        2,000
Die (rod 8mm)                               1,600
Graphite protection (rod 12mm)          30  
Kaowool protection (rod 12mm)           40 
Die (rod 12mm)                                  60   
Flake graphite                             11,000 kg
Protective wax copper rod                 639 kg

Copper Upcaster Outokumpu

Oxygen Free upcaster

Upcaster Copper